4103HP Front Center Fusing Machine

4103HP Front Center Fusing Machine Fusing Machine

Designed exclusively for dress shirt placket fusing. A bundle clamp holds the un-fused fronts. One placket at a time is fused and then disposed on the other side of the clamp. A built-in vacuum and automatic ejection device is provided. 1,200 parts per day is typical at a 12 - 15 second dwell time. Tandem machines with a single operator will increase production by approximately 50%.


  • Adjustable Pressure to 45 P.S.I.
  • Variable Temperature Control - Solid State
  • Solid State Timer
  • Bottom Vacuum
  • Automatic Air Ejection System
  • Bundle Holding Bar
  • 3' x 36' Buck
  • Two Button Close - Meets OSHA Requirements


  • Foot Pedal Control with Electronic Safety Device For Tandem Operation


  • Perfect Fusing On Only the Center Front Through Precise Control
  • High Quality, High Pressure Fusing
  • Easy Lay Up - Head Positioned Away From Buck and Bottom Vacuum
4103HP Front Center Fusing Machine Fusing Machine Details


Width 42" (107cm)
Length 35" (90cm)
Height 51" (130cm)
Electrical 220/1/60
Amps 10
Air Pressure 100 PSI
Platen Size 3" x 35"
(7.5 x 90cm)
Weight 880 lbs
400 kg


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