4500 High Pressure Fusing Machine

Astex 4500 Series High Pressure Fusing Machine

This conveyorized fusing press meets high-pressure, dress shirt fusible specifications in addition to high production capacities. Large reservoir heated channels allow for rapid glue line penetration without damaging delicate fabrics.

Two cooling options available to provide enhanced bonding and elimination of hand transition marking. Loading station design features easy access, built-in shelves for shell cloth and fusible storage. Return-to-operator option returns fused assemblies to the front of the machine, enabling the system to work with a single operator.

Standard Equipment

  • Actual Value Digital Temperature Controllers, Top and Bottom
  • Set Point Hi-Lo Temperature Alarms
  • Rapid Response, High Reserve Heaters
  • Top & Bottom Cleaning Systems
  • Automatic Preset Cool Down Timer
  • Solid State Variable Speed Drive
  • Tamper Proof Thermostats
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control - Tandem Rollers
  • Multiple Safety Systems

Optional Equipment

  • Internal Cooling System
  • External Cooling System
  • Return-To-Operator System
  • Folding Lateral Loading Shelves
  • Unroll & Re-roll Systems
  • Interlock Seamed Rolls
Astex 4500 Series High Pressure Fusing Machine Details


Belt Width 24" (61cm) 36" (91cm)
Width 44.5" (113cm) 57" (145cm)
Length 186" (472cm) 186" (472cm)
Height 50" (127cm) 50" (127cm)
Belt Speed 40ft/min 40ft/min
Air Pressure 100 PSI 100 PSI
Air Consumption 1 CFM 1 CFM
Electrical 220/3/60 40 Amps 50 Amps
Net Weight 3000 lbs 3500 lbs


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