293 Mini Turbo-Goliath Film Laminator

Astex 293 Mini Turbo-Goliath Film Laminator

The standard for over 20 years for the lamination needs of the emblem industry. The large, electrically-heated platen allows for up to 22' wide fabric. Designed specifically for post lamination of multiple layers, the Turbo-Goliath will also pre-laminate at a production rate of approximately 9 FPM.


  • Solid State Heat Controls
  • Indexing Conveyor
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control
  • Two Unwinds with Automatic Rewind
  • Long Life PTFE Coated Fiberglass Belt
  • Belt Cleaner
  • Microprocessor


  • Patented Vacuum System with Turbine


  • Laminates Thermoplastic Film to Embroidery without Crushing or Heat Damage
  • After Lamination, the Vacuum System Pulls the Embroidery Stitching to the Face of Fabric, Increasing Its 3-Dimensional Effect
  • Threads Do Not Have to be Trimmed Prior to Laminating
  • Excellent for Schiffli and Multi-head Embroidery
  • Energy Miser Temperature Control Conserves Electricity
  • Two Holding Brackets Keep Materials in Perfect Alignment
  • An Automatic Take-Up Roller Rewinds the Cooled Parts Into a Roll for Easy Unloading
Astex 293 Mini Turbo-Goliath Film Laminator Details


Width 44" (112cm)
Length 144" (366cm)
Height 82" (209cm)
Platen Size 24" x 36"
Amps 32 Amps @ 220/3/60
Air 80 PSI
Weight 1000 lbs