243 Pocket Flap Press Fusing Machine

Astex 243 Pocket Flap Press Fusing Machine

Famous for its ability to perfectly press and fuse flaps consistently, the 243 remains a standard in suit manufacturing. Timed steam and vacuum press two flaps simultaneously after expanding dies have retracted, eliminating any possibility of shine. Production is enhanced as loading takes place during the pressing cycle and automatic off-loading returns finished flaps to the operator. Collapsing dies are custom made for coat flaps to ensure an even crease parallel to the seam.


  • Collapsing and Retracting Dies
  • Vacuum
  • Steam, Vacuum and Pressure Regulators and Timers
  • Automatic Air Ejection System
  • Tilting Dies for Easy Loading
  • Holding Tray for Flaps


  • Custom Designed Dies
  • Microprocessor Control


  • Presses and Fuses in One Operation
  • Eliminates Shine - Retracting Dies
  • Perfect Pressing Cycle Including Vacuum
  • Two Flaps Fused in One Cycle
Astex 243 Pocket Flap Press Fusing Machine


Width 35" (89cm)
Length 46" (117cm)
Height 57" (145cm)
Volt 110
Weight 500 lbs
227 kg