Model 120/240CR Pnuematic Shuttle Press

Model 120/240CR Pnuematic Shuttle Press

Models 120CR, 30” x 40”, & 240CR, 40” x 60”, platen style Heat Transfer Machines feature three zone heat control and two large pneumatic pressure cylinders making these models a cost effective solution for high quality dye sublimation of sports apparel, flags and banners.

With overhang available on all four sides, the new 120 & 240CR heat presses are ideal for the printing of table throws and runners. Both models are equipped with a single loading station which glides easily in and out of the pressing station. The closing cycle is activated with an OSHA approved two button close system.

In addition to dye sublimation, these models support all types of heat transfer applications including hot and cold plastisol peel transfers and heat activated laminating processes.


  • Time is adjustable from 0 to 999 seconds.
  • Temperature is adjustable from 0 to 450*F (232C)
  • Pneumatic pressure is adjustable with 100 psi (7 bars) to the machine.
  • Air Consumption is 1 cfm per cycle. (283 cmm)
  • Machine dimensions – 42” x 42” x 72” (1070 x 1070 x 1828cm) 120CR - 62' x 52' x 72' (1570 x 1321 x 1828 cm) 240CR
  • Weight – 1900 lbs (862 Kg) & 2800 lbs (1270 Kg) respectively.


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