Model 165CR Dual-Tray Heat Transfer Press

Model 165CR Dual-Tray Heat Transfer Press

Large electrically heated platen sizes allow for full width strike-offs and large sheet printing of parts. Shown with six zone heat control of top & bottom platens, and automatic tray loading system.

Time, temperature and pressure settings are all adjustable and fully automatic. Floating head design assures perfectly even pressure in all areas. the front load reciprocating tray system doubles productivity.

Simplicity in design results in a virtually maintenance free machine.


  • Electrically Heated Platen
  • Digital Timer & Temperature Controls
  • Floating Head for Even Pressure
  • Reciprocating Trays for Loading
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Exhaust System


  • Double Heat with 6-Zone Heat Control
  • Automatic Reciprocating Tray System with Operation by Push-Button


  • Transfer Printing with Even Temperature and Even Pressure Across Printing Surface
  • Reciprocating Trays Permit Loading and Unloading While Printing Cycle Underway
  • Few Moving Parts Results in Minimal Maintenance


165CR600 165CR600D
Platen Size 39" x 63" 39" x 63"
Size (LxWxH) 108" x 77" x 80" 108" x 77" x 80"
Amps @ 220/3/60 26 47
Weight 4000 lbs 4000 lbs