7300IJO Sport

7300IJO Sport

The new oil heated 7372 IJO SPORT rotary heat press has been specificalty designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing.This method is widety used to print sport and team apparel.The new oil heating system guarantees a uniform heat distribution across the width of the drum with a minimum of energy oonsumtion. This system uses 50% less energy than electrically heated presses. The 8" (20 cm) diameter drum is suitable in production speed for digital printing.

The 7372 IJO SPORT has 3 different options of operation:

  1. The transfer paper is placed design side up on the table and feeds oontinuously into the machine. The pre-cut parts ate placed on the design and registered with maximum ease. The spent print paper and the printed parts exit under the feed table.
  2. The transfer paper is fed continuousty into the machine and cut fabric parts are placed on to the design areas, In this case the used transfer paper is re-rolled continuousty under the feed table and the printed parts are released on to the slide tray.
  3. Continuous printing roll-to-roll on both print paper and fabric. The top feeding hot oil calender system will eliminate seconds caused from fabric shrinking or paper movement and increase production. saving money and energy costs. High production, quality printing and our service after the sale give you the best of reasons to invest in AIT for all of your needs in digital sublimation printing


  • Diameter Cylinder 20cm (8")
  • Production 60cm/min (2ft/min)
  • Substrate handling system - 3 unwinds/3 rewinds
  • Electronic belt tracking, no air required
  • Oil heated cylinder with 2 electronic thermostats (one for oil, and one for drum exterior)
  • Adjustable speed with digital control
  • Automatic cool-down system. At the end of the work day safely turns off the machine when it reaches 80°C


7372IJO 7360IJO
Working Width 183cm/72" 152cm/60"
Power Installed 35 Amps 25 Amps
Average Consumption 20 Amps 15 Amps
Belt Size 193cm/76" 162cm/66"
Packing Dimensions 290 x 125 x 178 cm 255 x 150 x 189 cm
Packing Weight 1400 kg 1000 kg


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