7616 Narrow Web Rotary Drum Heat Transfer Printer

7616 Narrow Web Rotary Drum Heat Transfer Printer

The 7616 has been sold for over two decades for the continious printing of narrow web fabrics from shoe laces to seat belts. The transport belt on the machine is 16'' wide. The machine comes with 5 lanes for the substrate/transfer paper. The transfer paper for high production sublimation printing has traditionally been produced on ''flexo-graphic'' printing presses.

In recent years, digital ink jet printers have made short run and customized printing a reality. The 7616 is designed to operate equally as well with either process. The new oil heated drum system allows high production speeds with minimum fluctuation of temperature across the width.


  • 13'' (35 cm) printing area
  • Oil heated drum with digital heat control
  • Unwind discs & guides for narrow web transfer paper
  • Unwind and rewind system for blotting tissue to control dye contamination
  • Unwind and rewind for full width transfer paper
  • Easy On/Off Belt removal
  • Low maintenance- 1 hour belt change procedure
  • Alarm signal, if temperature varies above or below set point
  • Digital speed indicator
  • Automatic cool-down timer


  • 5 Station drop-off system
7616 Narrow Web Rotary Drum Heat Transfer Printer Details


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