Parts & Service

This section is still under construction. We will be adding more replacement parts soon!

Fabric Fusing Machines

Model 3024SC
Part Number Part Name/Description
48255 Top Belt
48256 Bottom Belt
48259 Polyester Cooling Belt (Top)
48996 Scraper Plate
48997 Thermocouple Connection Part
48998 Thermocouple J Type
48999 O ring (1700XF8)
49000 Polyester Cooling Belt (Bottom)
49001 Cleaning Felt
49002 Gearbox + Motor (3/4HP,1500M/min.)
49003 Cylinder (NS 50X25)
49004 Pitchfork Connection
49005 Attachment Part
49006 Silicon Roller
49007 Bearing House (GYE 20/LCTE 04)
49008 Bearing (6204 C3 NSK)
49008a Bearing (6204 ZZ ORS)
49009 Bearing (6004 ZZ ORS)
49010 Bearing (6002 ZZ ORS)
49011 Top Slide Spring
49011a Valve (220v)
49012 Regulator (Z 2152 REG c4) R1/4
49013 Manometer
49014 Main Switch (32A)
49015 Thermocouple Spring
49016 Belt Tightening Spring
49030 Shaft Segment (f20)
49032 Shaft Segment (f10)
49033 Hole Segment (f32)
49033a Shaft Segment (f15)
49043 Leveling Screw
50281 Heater
50282 Heater Holder
50283 Heater House
50283a Heater House for Thermocouple
51091 Cooling Roller Gear
51099 Silicon Roller Gear
51100 Tightening Gear
51128 Heat Controller (CAL 3200)
51212 Silicon Roller Bushing
51603 E-Stop Button
51604 E-Stop Button Label
51606 Terminal Block (Fuse Type)
51607 Terminal Block (2.5 mm)
51609 Potentiometer Knob
51610 Speed Pot. (5 K)
51612 Optocupler (4N 35)
51647 Transformer (2x12/220V 2W)
51649 Button (Red)
51650 Button (Green)
51651 Optocoupler Board
51659 Belt Tightening Shaft
51660 Roller With Stopper
51661 Front Pressure Roller
51662 Bottom Cooling Roller
51663 Top Cooling Roller
51664 Front Pressure Shaft
51665 Top Heater House Holder
51666 Heater House Bottom Bushing (new)
51667 Heater House Bushing
51668 Pushing Arm Channel
51669 Cylinder Pushing Arm
51671 Cooling Tambour
51672 Cooling Roller Bearing House
51673 Cooling Roller Shaft
51674 Fixed Cooling Roller (long)
51725 Fixed Cooling Roller (short)
51726 Front Bottom Cooling Roller Shaft
51727 Bottom Cooling Roller
51728 Felt Holder Complete
51729 Wheel
51730 Cylinder Holder Pin
51731 Top Slide Part
51732 Tightening Screw
51733 Tightening Gear House
51734 Top Cover Handle
51735 Bottom Plate Holder Bushing
51737 Top Plate Holder Bushing
51739 Belt Changing Apparatus
51740 Lamp (220 v)
51741 Front Panel
51742 Contactor (32A)
51743 Fuse (16A)
51744 Fuse (10A)
51745 Terminal Block (6 mm)
51746 Filter
53193 Inverter (ATV-18U18M2)
KST-942-0381 Chain (3/8'')
KST-942-1381 Chain Lock (3/8'')
KYM-11A-2017 Cleaner Mechanism
KYM-11T-0025 Scraper (silicon)
KYM-11T-2020 Scraper Shaft for Silicon (MP600T)
KYM-12T-0018 Heater House Cover
KYM-12T-0066 Scraper Connection Bushing
Model 5200SC
Part Number Part Name/Description
KST-301-0004 Cylinder (40x50) (Pressure)
KST-301-0005 Cylinder (40x40) (Tracking)
KST-301-0013 Cylinder 40 x 25 (Tracking) for Model 2003
KST-301-0014 Cylinder 63 x 25 (Pressure) for Model 2003
KST-302-0001 Air Filter and Regulator
KST-303-0019 L Type Connection
KST-303-0025 Input Plate
KST-305-0004 Regulator (Z 2152 REG c4) R1/4
KST-307-0001-1 Silencer
KST-308-0004 Valve (24v) (for old type machines)
KST-308-0004-1 Valve (220 volt) for Model 2003
KST-309-0002 Monometer
KST-309-0005 Pressure Switch
KST-309-0005a Air Pressure Switch
KST-401-0001 Gearbox + Motor (3/4HP,1500M/min)
KST-511-6000 Bearing (6000)
KST-511-6001 Bearing (6001 C3)
KST-511-6201 Bearing (6201 C3)
KST-526-1204 Bearing (1204 C3)
KST-551-0013 Bearing House
KST-585-6204 Bearing (6204 C3)
KST-811-0003 Inverter (ATV-18U18M2)
KST-811-0011 Inverter (Moller 0,75 KW)
KST-813-0001 Heat Controller (CAL 3200)
KST-813-0003 Heat Controller (ENDA - ETC 442)
KST-820-0005 Contactor (32A)
KST-820-0016 E-Stop Button
KST-820-0017 E-Stop Button Label
KST-820-0020 Main Switch (63 A) (MP1000)
KST-820-0022 Relay (24 v)
KST-820-0031 Fuse (10A)
KST-820-0034 Fuse (32A)
KST-820-0048 Tracking Switch
KST-820-0064 Main Switch (125 A) (MP1400-1600)
KST-821-0014 Control Panel Label
KST-822-0001 Buzzer
KST-822-0002 Speed Pot. (5 K)
KST-822-0004 Potentiometer Knob
KST-822-0013 Button (Red)
KST-822-0014 Button (Green)
KST-822-0016 Lamb (220 v)
KST-822-0018 Transformer (2x12/220V 2W)
KST-825-0010 Optocupler (4N 35)
KST-830-0002 Terminal Block (Fuse Type)
KST-830-0004 Terminal Block (6 mm)
KST-830-0005 Terminal Block (2.5 mm)
KST-921-0002 Wheel
KST-931-0001 Thermocouple J Type
KST-949-0005 Cooling Belt (MP1000)
KST-949-0008 Cooling Belt (MP1400)
KST-949-0010 Cooling Belt (MP1600)
KST-950-0015 Top Belt (MP1000)
KST-950-0016 Bottom belt (MP1000)
KST-950-0020 Top Belt (MP1400)
KST-950-0021 Bottom Belt (MP1400)
KST-950-0026 Top Belt (MP1600)
KST-950-0027 Bottom belt (MP1600)
KST-951-0003 Cleaning Felt (top) (MP1000)
KST-951-0004 Cleaning Felt (bottom) (MP1000)
KST-951-0005 Cleaning Felt (top) (MP1400)
KST-951-0006 Cleaning Felt (bottom) (MP1400)
KST-951-0007 Cleaning Felt (top) (MP1600)
KST-951-0008 Cleaning Felt (bottom) (MP1600)
KST-989-0110 Knob
KYM-11T-0025a Scraper (silicon) (1 meter)
KYM-128-0001 Optocoupler Board
KYM-12T-0014 Heater Holder
KYM-12T-0036 Cooling Roller Bearing House
KYM-13A-0025 Belt Changing Apparatus
KYM-13A-0035 Fixed Roller (MP1000)
KYM-13A-0048 Front Loose Roller (MP1000)
KYM-13A-0050 Scraper Plate (set) (MP1000)
KYM-13A-1035 Fixed Roller (MP1400)
KYM-13A-1048 Front Loose Roller (MP1400)
KYM-13A-1050 Scraper Plate (set) (MP1400)
KYM-13A-2035 Fixed Roller (MP1600)
KYM-13A-2048 Front Loose Roller (MP1600)
KYM-13T-0006 Belt Tightening Spring
KYM-13T-0010 Heater House for Thermocouple (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0011 Heater House (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0012 Heater House Cover (with hole) (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0013 Heater House Cover (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0017 Cooling Roller Gear
KYM-13T-0019 Loose Gear
KYM-13T-0020 Driving Gear
KYM-13T-0024 Loose Gear House
KYM-13T-0025 Heater (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0026 Silicon Roller (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0042 Cooling Belt Roller (MP1000)
KYM-13T-0049 Gearbox Output Gear
KYM-13T-0055 Tracking Arm Bushing
KYM-13T-1010 Heater House for Thermocouple (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1011 Heater House (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1012 Heater House Cover (with hole) (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1013 Heater House Cover (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1025 Heater (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1026 Silicon Roller (MP1400)
KYM-13T-1042 Cooling Belt Roller (MP1400)
KYM-13T-2010 Heater House for Thermocouple (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2011 Heater House (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2012 Heater House Cover (with hole) (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2013 Heater House Cover (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2025 Heater (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2026 Silicon Roller (MP1600)
KYM-13T-2042 Cooling Belt Roller (MP1600)
KYM-13Y-0045 Scraper Holder Spring
KYM-13Y-0102 Loose Roller (MP1000)
KYM-13Y-0103 Loose Roller Shaft (short)
KYM-13Y-0105 Tightening Roller Shaft (MP1000)
KYM-13Y-0111 Loose Roller Shaft (long)
KYM-13Y-1102 Loose Roller (MP1400)
KYM-13Y-1105 Tightening Roller Shaft (MP1400)
KYM-13Y-2102 Loose Roller (MP1600)
KYM-13Y-2105 Tightening Roller Shaft (MP1600)

Heat Transfer Presses

Model 1550PA
Part Number Part Name/Description
1550BEARING Bearing
1550BUMPER Bumper, Pivot Arm
1550COUPLER Coupler, Air
1550COVER Cover
1550FRAME Main Frame Assembly
1550FUSE Fuse Holder
1550GAUGE Pressure Gauge, Air
1550LIGHT Light Safety Switch
1550NUT Nut
1550PEDESTAL Pedestal, Bottom Plate
1550PIN Pin, Pivot
1550SHAFT Shaft, Pivot
23114 Insulator Block, 6 x 6 x .5''
31871 Foot, Adj
52104 Air Cylinder - Conventional Style
52104A Air Cylinder - Mushroom Style
52106 Safety Guard
52108 Bracket, RH/LH Set
52110 Pivot, Pressure Head
52111 Filter Lubricator
52113 Pressure Regulator
52114 Solenoid Valve, Up/Down
52114A Solenoid, Side to Side
52116 Power Supply, Solenoid
52119 Pivot Arm
52120 Nuts Swivel
52121 Flow Control
52122 Element Housing
52124 Rod f/PTFE Head Cover
52125 Heating Element (Before 4/2007)
52125B Heating Element (After 4/2007)
52126 Thermocouple
52128 PTFE Head Cover - 18 x 20
52128B PTFE Head Cover - 24 x 20
52129 Rectifier
52130 Silicon Pad - 16 x 20
52132 Bottom Platen - 16 x 20
52133 Foot Pedal Assembly
52134 Display Board (Before 2/2007)
52135 Relay 25A
52137 Main Switch
52138 Conduit w/connectors 21'' black
52139 Pushbutton Start
52140 Trans 19C Board
52140A Display Board (After 2/2007)
52141 E Stop
52145 Handle (PM model only)
52146 Plate Mount, Bottom Platen
52147 Locking Pin, Btm Platen
52147B Bracket for Locking Pin Assy.
52147P Locking Pin
52148 Transformer
52150 Buck Cover 16 x 20
52153 Cylinder, Pivot
52154 Platen Block
53265 1550 Machine Stand Option
55018 Wire Harness Assy.
57265 Safety Circuit Module
58569 Board, Trans 06
59036 Control Panel Faceplate
59036N Control Panel Faceplate
62488 Cylinder Repair Kit
62953 Fuse 12.5A