572 Roll Goods Portable Carousel

572 Roll Goods Portable Carousel

Reduce set-up time with the new Astex Indexing Piece Goods Carousel. The Astex 572 is perfect for single-ply cutters and short-run spreading and cutting requirements. Dual start and stop buttons located at both ends of carousel allow easy and efficient operation. With a push of a button, each roll can be presented to an adjustable, preset height.

Accommodates up to 5 rolls with a 72'' maximum goods width and a capacity of 150 lbs., evenly distributed weight. Maximum diameter is 18''.

Portable design allows for loading and transporting rolled goods from storage to the spreading or cutting operations. Eliminates excessive handling. Perfect for small cuts of multiple-style goods. Non-standard units available upon request.


572-A 572-B 572-C
Max Roll Width 48" 60" 72"
Length 76" 88" 100"
Width 36" 36" 36"
Height 60" 60" 60"