Pads, Belts and Other Sublimation Printing Supplies

AIT Portable Heat Seal Tools for PFTE Belt Welding

The key ingredient to superior quality die sublimation printing can often be the pad. AIT offers a complete range of high temperature padding materials, along with belting and tray cover materials for most models of heat transfer printers. We specialize in custom-made solutions according to your specific needs. Call us today for a quotation.

Also Available

  • Silicone Rubber Padding in Several Degrees of Durometer
  • High Temperature Felt Padding and Endless Belting
  • Nomex Cloth and ''Molten'' Pad Protector
  • PTFE Coated Screen Belting for Conveyor Systems
  • Custom-made PTFE and Canvas Conveyor Belts
  • Roll Stock up to 72'' PTFE Belting
  • "Super Blue" Conductive Rubber Transfer Membrane for Sublimation Printing of Rigid Substrates